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The RD Edit

Welcome to the RD Edit!

This is our space to come together and discuss all things design. We are so glad we get to share our thoughts with you.


Friends & family of Ridgecrest Designs know all about our first custom home project, the Pleasanton Dream Home. After seeing the craftsmanship and attention to detail given to the Pleasanton house, a family of seven who had just purchased acreage in the hills of Sunol, California, contacted us to make their dream home come to life. 

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Creating your dream space is a journey that combines your personal style with practical considerations. By embracing natural color tones, and a thoughtfully chosen pop of color, you can craft the perfect space.


Adding wallpaper to your home is a great way to add character and personality to a space. By selecting a wallpaper that reflects your style and the functionality of the room, you can create a unique and fun space.


Ever wondered why a room can feel so cozy and inviting while another seems to energize you? Well, it's all about the power of color in interior design. Colors don't just look pretty; they set the mood, create vibes, and bring life to your spaces. When it comes to designing your space, this is the secret sauce

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