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As a boy, Henry was always intrigued by all things mechanical and took apart his toys to discover how they worked. At the age of 8, his grandmother bought him his first soldering iron and he began to fix things around the house.

Working as a contractor, he quickly discovered his passion for architecture and design. In 2008, he formed Ridgecrest Construction - now known as Ridgecrest Designs. Henry takes pride in investing in his team; making sure they have the tools, skills and confidence to take Ridgecrest Designs to the next level. He enjoys designing and building custom pieces for clients such as range hoods, tables, art and barn doors at his 3,000 sq/ft shop in Livermore.

He is married to Carrie, his best friend and high school sweetheart of 25 years. Their favorite thing to do is go boating with their daughters Jenna and Riley.

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